Mychron 4 660 Error and question

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Mychron 4 660 Error and question

Postby masracing » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:23 am

We have a Mychron 4 660. When I plug the data key in we get a message screen that says error 0231. I am leaning towards the data key being bad but we have never used it before to try to download a run since the tach was new so it seems kind of unlikely.

The second ongoing issue we have had is with interference on engine RPM. The engine RPM spikes up and down. You can read the rpm between the spikes for setting the idle but trying to read stall and other things from a run is very difficult. I am thinking this could be the way I have it wired. Any pointers on how to wire it to prevent these spikes. I do have the wire run away from everything else but it still seems to be an issue. We have it wired to the primary side of the coil on the ignition kill wire. Is there a better way?

thank you in advance.
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