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Help Identifying and Engine

Postby imelmo » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:19 pm

Hello. I am brand new to junior dragsters so please bare with me, lol. I bought a junior dragster for my Nephew and just had it gone thru and everything is working great on it. It is a fairly old unit though and I am trying to identify what the engine is. The person that went thru the car for me thinks it may be a JR engine, and the owner before the previous owner believes it is a Snyder engine. I called Snyder to see if there was a way to identify the engine but they stated they haven't made a junior dragster engine in about 15 years, which is right about how old this one probably is.

I do know that it is an 8.90 engine (it is turned down now though). Is there any way for me to identify what it is? Biggest thing other than being able to get replacement parts is I would like to find out what the cylinder head and egt temps should be on it.

Here are some pics of the engine:

ImageF64D13A2-7C78-431E-9FF0-4D6A3A819145_zpsg8o36omz by Danny Elmore, on Flickr

ImageC56D519C-F929-4341-B398-9E7B60CC1CAC_zpsgqo9wqiw by Danny Elmore, on Flickr

Image476BC257-79F5-4C6A-9AA1-1232D9EE8FE9_zpspspoo75y by Danny Elmore, on Flickr

Image83B5CE3C-CFBD-4194-A0C4-1DA879C4E660_zpsuwcv5e0g by Danny Elmore, on Flickr

Image3A7BD1D2-2F5F-4E79-971F-D3569D2C2488_zpsstu589ix by Danny Elmore, on Flickr

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Re: Help Identifying and Engine

Postby Pool Man » Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:10 pm

That is a Briggs & Stratton Blockzilla engine. Parts are still readily available for them. Most vendors on the site should have them for you.
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Re: Help Identifying and Engine

Postby WILD BILL » Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:43 pm

Pool Mans right. It's also refereed to a a BZ.

By the looks of the exhuast adapter i think it would be a BZ 1.

Temps should be fairly the same as you hear with any other motor. Shoot for around 15x on the CHT and 6xx on the EGT and you should be in the ball park.

Unless you are trying to tune this down to run the 11.90 index. If that is the case, I really recommend shelving it and getting either a Raptor or the 206 motor.


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Re: Help Identifying and Engine

Postby jr drag dad » Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:41 am

Definitely a BZ,,,,,,,,,, The head looks like an old Junior race car design
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