33 carb sleeve question

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33 carb sleeve question

Postby CPR » Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:40 pm

I’m looking for a link or instructions on how to properly install a 28 sleeve in a 33 carb. I bought a sleeve but it didn’t come with any instructions or drill size, tap, or screw. It seems like someone had it on their website, but I can’t find it. Thanks for any help.
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Re: 33 carb sleeve question

Postby WILD BILL » Wed Mar 20, 2019 7:43 pm

It's been a while since I installed one but I'll do my best.

First thing you need to do is turn the carb over and located the air screw on the bottom. While counting, turn the screw in and count the number of turns untill it seats. Note this for later, then back the screw out enough so that it tip is clear of the bore of the carb.

IIRC, the sleeve 's hole should be tapered and offset in relation to the outer diameter. install the sleeve so the the small end of the inner bore in closest to the slide (but not touching it) and tapers out towards the intake and the bore should be clocked so the thickest part is up and the thinnest wall is at the bottom.

It's may be best to find something like a thin piece of plastics or something to use as a spacer shim between the slide and the sleeve. anything around .010" or slightly thicker should do it.

Once the sleeve is properly positioned, Gently screw the air screw back in enough so that it will leave a mark in the surface of the sleeve. Now remove the sleeve and drill it where the air screw made its mark. Drill size really doesn't matter so long as it's slightly larger then the hole in the carb. De bure and smooth out said hole.

Now, locate either one of the 2 nubs at the base of the intake boot neck. flatten it out so that it's top is relatively parallel to the bore. Drill and tap for a set screw. I don't recall what size I used. Just make sure you use one that will leave you enough side wall. A number 8 or 10 should do it.

That's about it. Just make to clean any chips out of the carb real good and that the air screw lines up with the hole and that the sleeve is clear of the slide so that it doesn't bind when installed and lock the set screw down.

I hope I got all that right smiley-lol



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Re: 33 carb sleeve question

Postby CPR » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:46 pm

Thanks Bill. Ran into another issue. I can’t get it to idle above 3000 rpms without surging. We took it to the track and I couldn’t get the head temp above 130. It ran fine except for a slight bog right at the hit which I attributed to low head temp. Maybe too big of pilot. I thought I put a 59 pilot in it and 195 main. So I drop the bowl only to find I forgot to put the pilot in it at all! I also found that the hole in the sleeve for the idle mixture screw didn’t quite line up by taking the screw out and shining a flashlight up the hole. No light. So I drilled the hole a little bigger and now I see light. Fixed. Put the 59 pilot in and 190 main. Now it will idle at 2900 but then surges way up and after I toggle it numerous times it goes way down to 2400. Even when it idkes correctly, if I go above 3000 it surges. This test was all done without the belt on tonight. Stock cam and next bore size up from stock Raptor. Believe it or not without the pilot jet in the carb, it ran 11.91 at 51 and next pass he let out early but incremental numbers were less than a hundredth off of first pass. I just couldn’t build starting line head temp and those were the only two passes we got to make that night. Thanks for any help!
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