Need help with Briggs lo206

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Need help with Briggs lo206

Postby JStack149K » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:59 am

This is my second lo206. First one worked great on my 1st car. Both reacted the same with a stumble at the hit to wide open. Cars are setup exactly the same. Same gears, tires, and clutch setup. We lowered the float level and that took the problem away the first time. Not the case on the second engine. We lowered the float to the same hight but the bowl wouldnt fill. Tried curved manifold to level carb and that didnt work. Widened plug gap to 45 that didnt help either. Went lean and rich on all needle settings and with air bleed screw and that didnt work. Made my own intake that is straight and just long enough to clock the carb level. The stumble is better but its still there. We had it on the track this weekend and it was just a dog off the line. Thinking i need more timing but not sure how to get more because theres no adjustments on the coil mount. Car just seems down on power. Any thoughts and suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
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