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    Robert Hamilton

    Finally got out to test and tune with the new (to us) dragster, Its a Hercules JR Racecar Chassis, that has a side mount for our MyChron. A few issues with this design. I am unable to see the display if I am on the left side of the car. I personally like to be in the middle of the track, regardless of the line we get. Second thing is that after every burn out the screen has rubber on it.

    I thought about 3D printing a 45 degree washer to point the Mychron more “flush” with the car instead of being kicked out to the side. but this does not solve the rubber issue. I know there is a whole debate on burnout vs no burnout; no burnout might solve the rubber issue also. Or I can just follow the instructions from MyChron and mount the data logger below the on/off switch in the middle and be done with it all.


    Has anyone else had issues with side mount data loggers? Did you just suck it up or change something? Thanks for your time and input.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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