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    James Nunnery

    For the LO206 veterans:
    I’m wanting to switch my current 28mm Walbro gas carb to alcohol (for consistency). I know there are a few options and trying to the best without breaking the bank.
    1. Refit current carb with alcohol jets from Briggs.
    2. Purchase a used 33mm and sleeve it. (Not exactly sure what that means). And on that, not sure down to what size.
    I can work on the carbs myself, so I’d prefer not to buy new.
    3. As far as pilot and main jets, I can figure those out once I figure out the carb setup. But recommendations would be appreciated.

    Wade Metzinger

    I switched this summer because I couldn’t get rid of a stumble with gas. It helped but not perfect. That was with a alcohol converted carb with Blossom coated fuel bowl. I don’t think you can run alcohol with a stock fuel bowl.

    It was a little more consistent but not a ton more. Ran gas for 5 years with out issue and liked not having to change oil all the time. I pull started it too.

    I think the best set up is a sleeved 33mm mukuni. Call blossom and see if they will sell you sleeve and give you a starting point for jets.

    2005 Halfscale ZR3 Shockwave 8.90

    James Nunnery

    I’m hoping to get an 8.90 package soon (he’s 10) and be done with the little motor and on to something way more consistent.

    Nic Woods

    Hello James,


    The Biggest thing when making a Factory Gas Carb work on alky is making sure you have the pilot  hole drilled big enough for starters, and then of course stepping main jet up significaifly …. and then also messing with the needle height to confirm your desired idle speed that you want, while still keeping the  carburetor on the pilot or idle circuit.  in some applications a cut on the slide is needed  so you can get the correct idle rpm, also note if slide is  lifting  to high you will be running overly rich due to the fact the needle has a tapper and will start flowing more threw the main jet.

    Id be happy to help if you have any other questions

    or if you would like to money whip it. I can also sell you a 33mm with a sleeve LOL







    James Nunnery

    Thanks Nic! Decisions decisions lol.

    Car has been as quick as 11.58, but the e.t. can vary from there to 11.70s. All over the place.
    60 and 330 times are all about the same. I don’t have a cable to pull the graph from the Michron3, but watching it on the screen and listening to it as it goes down the track, sounds smooth.

    Need to get that Top Shelf 8.90 and be done. Tax season lol

    Daniel Herbert
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