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    Jr Dragster Plus

    First off, welcome back to the new and improved Jr Dragster Plus! For those of you that are aware, this forum existed for years as the go to source for everything junior drag racing and was sadly discontinued in 2019. Although we were not able to restore the old and exiting data, we are offered the opportunity to start fresh.

    Welcome to Jr Dragster Plus, we aim to make this site the go to resource for absolutely everything regarding Jr Drag Racing. We want your help to build out our Business Listings, our Links section and of course we would love to help promote your Jr Dragster driver by adding them to our Drivers page. With your help we can turn this site into a junior dragster community where we can help make each other better and elevate everyones game. So please be sure to utilize our various submission forms located at the bottom of each page to help us fill out our database and keep this the #1 Jr Dragster website in the world!

    How To Join Jr Dragster Plus

    1. On the top menu, select User, then click on Register New Account.
    2. Fill out all of the registration information and hit Register.
    3. Open your email, find the email from Jr Dragster Plus and click on the link to activate your account.
    4. Login by either hitting user or using the login prompt on the side(desktop) or bottom(mobile) of every page.
    5. Once logged in, access your user profile by clicking on your name located on the side(desktop) or bottom(mobile) of every page.
    6. On the left hand side menu, select Edit, then scroll down until you see the Avatar heading.
    7. Hit Browse to select the image you want to be associated with the account.
    8. Modify your signiture however you would like, then hit the Update Profile button.
    9. You are now registered, have a profile picture and can now start posting!

    How To Contact Me or Anyone
    Simply click on the name of anyone you want to send a message to. Doing so will open up their Jr Dragster Plus profile page. At the bottom of that page you should see a message that says “Send a Message.” Click on it and you can then send a message to another member inside of the forum. This user will also be notified via email that they received the message. All communication stays within the website and allows you to see

    How To Add Jr Dragster Plus As An App
    Although Jr Dragster Plus is a website, you can easily create a shortcut icon on your phone that can take you right to the forum without having to go online and type it in everytime. It should also help to keep you logged in so you don’t have to re-login each visit.

    For iPhone

    1. Open Safari and go to jrdragsterplus.com
    2. Scroll to the top of the page and then click on the icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a square with an arrow up.
    3. Scroll up so you can see all of the options and select Add to Home Screen.
    4. Change the name to just Jr Dragster Plus if not already and hit Add.
    5. Congrats, you should now have a icon on your phone just like any other app.

    Thank you,

    Matt Parlett
    Jr Dragster Plus


    I’m in. Welcome

    Anthony Evans

    Nice to see this site back. This site really helped us getting started in 13.90 on the LO206.

    Jr dragster drivers: Anna Molly Evans, Halfscale extreme (11.90)
    Lawson Evans 2008 MT suspended pinnacle (20.00)

    Hometrack: Capital City Motorsports Park Montgomery,AL

    Kicka Guedry

    Glad to see this forum back. Hopefully it becomes the learning center that it once was.

    Kris Rachford

    Thanks Matt for putting this together. If you need any help let me know.

    Tire checker for:
    Gage Rachford
    Nash Rachford
    Knox Rachford


    So glad to see this site back up! I was pretty bummed out when it went away.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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